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15 November 2009 @ 11:15 pm
Longing for love (2/?)  

Title: Longing for love (2/?)

Pairing: YunJae, (slight) Yoosu

Disclaimer: MINE MINE MINE… is the plot :P

Genre: Fluff, Angst, slight crack? maybe.

Rating: PG-13 for swearing

Length: 2/?

Summary: He has been waiting for so long for the right one… Will he ever find that person?

(Part 1)



A whack landed on his poor head. The pain stung hard but it was nothing—a mere ant bite—compared to the pain he felt deep inside right now.

“Why did you follow him?!” asked Junsu incredulously.

Jaejoong defended, “I didn’t! He just appeared out of nowhere the moment I asked the salesperson to show me the iPhone!! He even uttered the same words that I said!! I.didn’t.follow.him.”

“Yeah, yeah, you didn’t. After calling him a ‘handsome piece of art’, how would we be assured that you didn’t follow him?” mocked Yoochun with a raised brow. Junsu allowed a grin to spread across his face and stifled a giggle. Jaejoong shot them both a piercing glare that caused them to flinch slightly. Why were they accusing him of something he didn’t do?

“Is it my fault that we crossed paths? Is it my fault that I wanted that iPhone so much?” said Jaejoong, almost whining. The couple merely rolled their eyes.

Junsu scoffed. “Please, hyung. I can bet you were attracted to it only because it was super shiny and since it was super shiny… it could only mean one thing:”

“It could serve as your mirror,” Yoochun finished Junsu’s sentence. Both of them looked at each other and grinned. Jaejoong only pouted; he was slightly irritated at the fact that the two men before him knew him inside out. He was also slightly jealous at their relationship. They were so open about it and they don’t have a care in the world at what everybody thought of them.

‘What is wrong with me? Why do I feel empty, yet heavy?’ Jaejoong would always wonder.

Jaejoong was provided with everything he needed; from education to housing. However, his wants were seldom fulfilled.

Despite his exceptionally excellent grades in school—from pre-school to high school—he never got himself a girlfriend. Not that he didn’t want one—oh, how he would kill to get one—but he wasn’t able to get one. He didn’t know why; the forces of the universe were too strong for him. He couldn’t go against it alone.

Jaejoong was more than content to have been provided with his needs, but having his wants fulfilled was totally a different case. It was part of who he was—and who he will become.

So why did he suddenly sense that the universe is going to go his way soon? He felt tingly just thinking about it.

Little did he know that two is better than one.




He checked his list more than twice.



His eyes were glued to the last item; the handwriting was too familiar to his eyes.

Lubrication? He didn’t need lubrication. He knew who needed it but he wondered why and how it ended up on his list. He shrugged and folded the piece of paper neatly.

That was when he noticed the note written on the opposite side of the paper.


Sorry I added that last item. Chunface and I finished our bottle. I can’t go buy it myself cause I can’t walk. I’m temporarily handicapped so I’m going to rest the whole day.

And you know how lazy that chicken face gets when it comes to grocery shopping, right? He can’t even form proper words when he wakes up—how else do you expect him to walk to the store without getting lost?

Sorry for the trouble Jae-hyung x[ I’ll promise I’ll make it up to you! :D



Jaejoong smiled. No matter how much he wanted to be annoyed, he couldn’t stop the smile from reaching his ears. He couldn’t resist helping his dongsaengs, no matter how troublesome they could get. They’ve treated him like they were family so it would only be fair to treat them the same.

He stepped out of the house, list in hand. He walked over to the lustrous silver Lexus and stepped inside. He started the engine and switched on the music to full volume. He left his window slightly open so he wouldn’t go deaf at the singeing music.

The drive to the grocery store didn’t take long. When he stepped inside the flourescent-lit store, he took a trolley for his items and started hunting.

Getting the last item on the list was truly troublesome for him—no matter which angle he looked at it. Men and women alike would be found lingering there—God knows what they’re doing there besides taking what they needed—and when Jaejoong would enter the aisle, all eyes would become fixated on him. Those eyes scanned him from head to toe like they were some identification machine. Being under scrutiny as he took each step towards the item he wanted to get—which was usually lubrication—was quite disturbing. Couldn’t they just keep their eyes to themselves?

When Jaejoong got what he wanted, he quickened his pace to leave the aisle. He heaved a sigh when he reached the counter. Finally, all was done; he just had to pay. Waiting for the person before him to finish, he plugged his earphones into his ears and played his mp3 player. The volume of the music wasn’t too loud, in case of any emergency.

As if emergencies ever take place in a very ordinary grocery shop. No one would really try to rob a supermarket, or faint inside one, right?

Tapping his foot on the floor and occasionally glancing at the person before him put the last few items on the counter, he noticed that the man had a problem. Jaejoong observed the other’s actions for a couple more seconds and realised that the man needed a 20.

Being a sucker for helping that he was, he pulled out his own wallet and grabbed a 50 and handed it over to the cashier lady. The female stared at Jaejoong like he had just picked his nose in public. The other man was ready to smile at Jaejoong but when he saw Jaejoong’s face…

“What did you just do?”

Jaejoong looked at the man and realised who he had just encountered.

It was him. Again.

Jaejoong pulled out his earphones and spoke. “I just helped you. Wasn’t it obvious? Or maybe you were too blind and stupid to realise it.” Jaejoong felt slightly victorious for saying such a thing. He felt that he had overcome the deranged thoughts of his insane mind.

“Whatever,” said the stranger. Jaejoong noticed that he was wearing khaki shorts and a beige short-sleeved polo shirt. His feet were slipped into slippers. “I’ll pay you back when I—“

“It’s okay,” blurted out the smaller male. He didn’t want anything in return. He never did. He didn’t even have the guts to ask for any.


“Don’t worry about it. Just think that a friend helped you.”

“A friend?” asked the man in disbelief. Jaejoong raised his brow and realised what he had just said.

“Fine, not a friend. Whatever, okay? Think what you want to think of it as. I don’t really give a damn whether you even consider me an acquaintance.” Jaejoong began to place his items on the counter while the cashier lady snapped out of her trance (probably from staring at Jaejoong and the stranger) and handed the stranger the change. Before the stranger could even hand the change over to Jaejoong, the latter put an open palm in mid-air.

“Keep it.”

The stranger shrugged and went on to carry his grocery bags. Jaejoong stole quick glances at the stranger and his eyes met with the stranger’s back and arms as the latter headed out the door, carrying two grocery bags on each hand. A spark went off inside Jaejoong’s oh-so vivid imagination.

‘Damn it, what’s wrong with me? Why do I get these uncanny tingling feelings whenever I see this man?! HE’S.A.MAN. A MAN. OTOKO. NAMJA. I do not like men.’ thought Jaejoong endlessly as he walked to his car with his own groceries.

Jaejoong needed to learn to control the raging hormones in his body or else the unthinkable might happen.


There was one more day left before he had to go for his lectures again. Oh, the stress and pressure of being in college was slowly eating up his sanity.

Or so Jaejoong thought.

Not that he didn’t enjoy the course he had taken—Information and Technology. He surely was having a blast.

So why was he feeling stressed and pressured?

Responsibilities. Lecturers. Girls.

And guys.

Jaejoong was a love magnet—everyone in his University were crazy about him. And that’s what the problem was.

He attracted anything and everything. It’s like he had a tail that was infinitely long. Disturbing, really. He didn’t know how he would continue to put up with it in the remaining six months of his senior year. Graduation is coming up and he just got dumped with more stuff to do, thanks to their oh-so-wonderful-and-kind lecturers.

Jaejoong shook his head madly, causing his hair to flip in all directions. He didn’t want to think of anything that concerned work, work and more work. He was really exhausted.

I’ll eat you up

Your love, your lo-o-o-ove

I’ll eat you up—

Hello?” said Jaejoong as he flipped his mobile phone open.

Hyung!!!” said a voice on the other line. Jaejoong smiled in recognition.

“Minnie. What’s up?”

Can you make me lunch?”

“Why? Aren’t you home with your parents? Don’t you have them to cook for you? Can’t you even cook? What kind of culinary arts student are you if you can’t even cook—“

The bell rang.

“Hold on, Minnie. Someone’s at the door.”

Okay~” said Changmin in a singing voice. Jaejoong rushed to the door and opened it. His eyes nearly popped out of their sockets after seeing the person standing before him.

“Changmin,” uttered Jaejoong. The younger one grinned at him before stepping inside Jaejoong’s apartment.

“What are you doing here?” asked Jaejoong, snapping out of his daze. He then slipped his white flip-phone in his pocket.

“Lunch,” Changmin simply said after snapping his phone shut. “Where’s the dolphin and its trainer?”

“In their room. They’ve been—“

“—Spare me the details, please,” pleaded Changmin, shuddering.

“I wasn’t even gonna say anything rated! Anyway, I still haven’t made lunch. Do you mind eating ramen?”

“Nope. As long as you give me food, I’ll be fine,” smiled Changmin at his hyung, who smiled back.

After ten minutes of cooking, eating and chatting away, Changmin changed the subject of their conversation. After all, who wouldn’t get sick of listening to a drama queenking’s endless rambling?

“So did you get that iPhone you’ve always wanted?” Jaejoong paused to think. He knew he didn’t have to think if he knew the answer but his thoughts were elsewhere.

“Hyung? Hyuuuuung~ Anybody there?” Changmin waved a hand across his face and softly knocked on Jaejoong’s head. Suddenly, a door flew open, startling Changmin like he had seen a ghost.

“Smash him across the face and he’ll snap out of that trance he always falls into. Hyung never learns,” when the person who emerged from the room realised who he was talking to, he squealed in joy.



Geu nooga nooga mweorado naneun sanggwan eobdago
Geu nooga nooga yokhaedo neoman barabondago
Na dashi taeyeonandedo ojik neoppoonirago
(jakkoo jakkoo~) Shigani heulleodo


Changmin stared at Junsu blankly. What was happening in this household? Everytime he came over, his face would always bear that same blank expression—one that he was wearing now. There always seemed to be two occurances that would never fail to bewilder him—even though they were no more than ordinary.

Today, Jaejoong fell into a trance. Again. Changmin already grew out of it already so the occurance didn’t seem so weird anymore. But it was still worth noting.

Secondly, Junsu barged in on them—or rather, barged out on them and shouted like Changmin was a hundred metres away. He could swear that he could hear his hyungs’ neighbours shamelessly screaming strings of profanities at them.

Well, he couldn’t exactly hear it but he convinced himself that he could feel it.

In addition to all that, right after his conscious—and loud—hyung, Junsu, shouted “It’s you!!!”, the number 1 hit song of Super Junior, Neorago, blasted throughout the walls of their fragile-looking home. Changmin feared that it was going to collapse on him.

Why did he always get in between their affairs? If it wasn’t Junsu and Jaejoong, it would be Yoochun and Jaejoong. Jaejoong would always be there. Always. Changmin wouldn’t even be thinking this much if Jaejoong wasn’t included in these ‘enlightening’ events.

Jaejoong’s prolonged silence bewildered Changmin even more. Something must have happened and Changmin intended to know.

He had to know.

“What’s wrong with Jaejoong-hyung?” inquired Changmin as he pointed his forefinger at Jaejoong. Junsu merely grinned.

“He met a guy. That’s what happened.”

Changmin stared at Junsu for a long moment, then his gaze shifted to Jaejoong for a moment, then back to Junsu again. “A guy??? Is he—“

“I don’t know,” Junsu interrupted. Junsu was also confused. If Jaejoong was so into girls, then why did Jaejoong spend half of his time spacing out? “He started spacing out right after that incident.” Junsu shook his head in amusement as he retold the events of yesterday.

Changmin restrained even the tiniest of his voice to escape his lips. Was it all true—whatever that was coming out from his Junsu-hyung’s mouth? And the fact that Jaejoong was still dazed after Changmin and Junsu took ten minutes talking—about him—made him doubt that it wasn’t true.

Junsu’s way of telling a story persuasively and Jaejoong’s passive reaction really did the trick. He was forced to believe.

But maybe he would wait for his Yoochun-hyung for the real story. Yeah, maybe he would wait—at least he was a bit more sane than the two men before him.

Realising what Changmin’s silence was all about, Junsu spoke. “Don’t even bother going to Chunnie. He’ll tell you the same thing.”

Changmin was tied between believing and not believing. Why was he always in between?!

Frustrated to the bone, Changmin left the chatty Junsu and the still-dazed Jaejoong to their own activities as he stomped through the door.

What am I to do with these people?!’



A/N: Not particularly satisfied with how the ending turned out o.o seemed…abrupt. Like it needed more from Min. And was this chapter too long? T_T sorry! I’ll try to do better in the next chapter! >.< COMMENTS PLEASE? D’;

ting5ting5 on November 16th, 2009 01:13 am (UTC)
hahah 'still dazed' Jae is cute :D hmm yup was hpoing for smome snarky comments by Min but it's okay i think it's still good, it shows how Min's the only sane, clever mature one LOL am i praising Min too much?!?! XDD
Nihonjin.Tensai;;Anjaela♥nihonjin_tensai on November 19th, 2009 02:09 am (UTC)
yeahhh. my inner sarcasm was asleep D;


thankies for reading & commenting ♥
kaori-sanaddy6636 on November 22nd, 2009 02:27 pm (UTC)
hey...lovely......continue the story alright!!!