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12 December 2009 @ 09:33 am
The string that we call fate: (4/4)  

Title: The string that we call Fate

Author: nihonjin_tensai

Disclaimer: Plot only ):

Pairing: YunJae, JaeMin, YooSu

Length: (4/4)

Genre: Fluff, Romance(hopefully), Crack[<<---FAILFAILFAIL] and maybe a TINY BIT of angst since I fail at that too.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: The two of them never knew that their bond would be the key to bringing them back together.

Warning: Might become a band!fic

Previous Parts: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

---EDIT: Fixed the retarded paragraphs. Sorry about that.---

Part 4
Hurry up, you airhead! Stop whatever you’re doing now cause I know you’re making yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!” shouted a man in his twenties who stood before a full-length mirror, fixing his red hair.

The sound of a metal object falling was suddenly heard.How did you know?!” shouted another from the other side of the room.

“Just leave the kitchen and get your butt over here! We’re late already!” The moment the man opened the door, a figure suddenly appeared right beside him and caused him to jump in surprise.

Miss me?” said the taller man. The redhead rolled his eyes before resorting to smack the other on the head.

Let’s just go, okay? You’re tempting me to punish you senselessly later,” said the red-haired man as he got inside his car and started the engine.

That’s exactly my point, sweetheart,” said the deep-voiced man as he closed the door of the red Volvo.

You better shut your trap before I—”

Make me,” commanded the other, leaning towards the driver with a dirty smirk plastered on his face. Before he knew it, the red-haired man stepped on the accelerator with much force, causing the other to sink back in his seat, fear spread over his face. The Volvo sped into the distance, leaving a trail of grey puffs hanging in the air.

What is hyung taking so long? It’s getting so good already!” whined ChangMin to himself as he munched on his chocolate brownie. He couldn’t help but grin at the sight just outside the cafe. Just as he was about to gobble up his brownie, a string of hurried apologies resonated throughout the room. ChangMin whipped his head towards the commotion and saw two figures scrambling to their feet to get to his table.

ChangMin!!!!!” squealed a red-haired man as he hugged the young man tightly. It has been a long time since they last saw each other.

JunSu-hyung!” ChangMin could only pat his hyung’s back in return. There was no way he would hug him back. Just then, he saw a grinning idiotman standing beside JunSu. The man seemed familiar to him, but with the odd haircut, he couldn’t pinpoint who it was.

“Uhh…” ChangMin looked at the man blankly as he took his seat.

Ah yeah! Min! It’s YooChun!” JunSu began before YooChun could say anything. YooChun sat himself down beside JunSu, opposite to ChangMin.

Eh? Are you sure?” ChangMin tilted his head from left to right to make sure it really was his YooChun-hyung.

What an odd haircut… Maybe the hairstylist’s scissors weren’t sharp enough…?’ thought ChangMin to himself.

Do you like my haircut?” said YooChun with a grin that threatened to extend to his ears as he combed his hair with his fingers.

Uhhhh…” ChangMin couldn’t find his words.

You don’t have to comment on his hair—you’re just gonna end up feeding his already supersized ego,” commented JunSu as he browsed through the menu booklet. “So why did you call us here?”

I don’t remember calling him here…”

Aish! Don’t you love YooChun-hyung, ChangMinnie? I missed you so much that I wanted to tag along with Su~”

JunSu rolled his eyes. “Pfft. You tagged yourself along. We were late and even ended up making a commotion in the kitchen—ALL BECAUSE YOU HAD TO WASTE YOUR TIME MAKING THAT PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICH.”

YooChun pouted. “But I got hungry! We didn’t even have breakfast!”

I had breakfast. You didn’t. Your fault for waking up late,” said JunSu before placing his orders to the waiter.

“This is exactly why I only invited JunSu-hyung… I totally get ignored whenever you two are together… In fact, whenever all of you are paired up. Aish! It’s so hard being the 5th wheel!” grumbled ChangMin before taking a bite from his oversized chocolate chip cookie.

“You’re so mean, Min… OOH! I MADE A RHYME!” YooChun pouted before grinning again.
Ignoring the outburst of the enthusiastic man beside him, JunSu inquired, “All of you? What do you mean?”

“Oh, you know. The usual. You and YooChun-hyung… and JaeJoong-hyung and YunHo-hyung…” said ChangMin as his gaze shifted to the scene outside. JunSu followed ChangMin’s gaze and saw two men in black with a tinge of purple, bickering like a couple. Somehow, it reminded him of Yunho and JaeJoong.

They do look similar… but Jae-hyung doesn’t have blonde hair… and YunHo-hyung doesn’t have orange-hair…’ thought JunSu.

“So why are we here?” YooChun finally straightened out from being a total dork. ChangMin was shocked to his bones when he heard that grave, business-like tone from YooChun. His hyungs have changed so much, they’ve given him a whiplash.

“Uhhm… them,” said ChangMin, pointing outside the cafe. JunSu and YooChun turned their heads to where the youngest pointed and instantly bore bewildered expressions.

“Uh… maknae… who are they?” asked YooChun and JunSu just stared at the pair. ChangMin rolled his eyes.

“You don’t know them?” asked ChangMin in disbelief.

“Do you think we’d ask you if we knew?” Sarcasm laced JunSu’s voice.

“Ah,” YooChun blurted out, making ChangMin and JunSu whip their heads towards the speaker. “It’s Jae-hyung and YunHo-hyung…”

“Bingo~ Star-shaped cookies for you, hyung!” a tight smile spread across ChangMin’s face and his eyes narrowed. JunSu squinted to clarify his confusion and the nagging question in his head.

“Come on! Let’s go say hi!” YooChun snapped back to his dorky self. A firm grip held him down to his seat when he attempted to skip outside the cafe.

“Do you think I’d still be here, eating, if I wanted to meet up with them?” said ChangMin with an exasperated tone. He couldn’t help but wonder why his hyungs were so slow and dorky and immature. And to think that they were older than him.

‘Pfft, I should be the older one.’

“Then why did you ask us to come here if we’re not even gonna say hi? I mean, we haven’t seen each other for two years and you only want to see them as you munch happily on your chocolate brownie?” YooChun’s tone had a tinge of desperation in it. He missed them so much. Parting ways had taken a toll on him; they were like family. He was fortunate enough to have JunSu by his side.

JunSu’s eyes darted from the couple outside to YooChun’s frowning face, then back outside.

“Because they look like they’re arguing about something, Chun.”

“Yeah, something about being a burden to us and being lonely,” said ChangMin as he fixed his earpiece in place. YooChun’s forehead creased as he contemplated on what ChangMin said.

Who could have possibly said that? YunHo-hyung or JaeJoong-hyung?’ thought YooChun.

“Hey! What’s that in your ear??”JunSu tried to take tiny silver piece stuck in ChangMin’s ear.
ChangMin raised his brow. “Uhh… something that helps me hear their conversation?”

“An earpiece,” said YooChun simply, amazing both ChangMin and JunSu.

“Hyung… is your brain being controlled or something? Cause you’re really freaking me out with the sudden changes in your personality,” said ChangMin, trying focus on the conversation between the two men outside.

“Let me hear what they’re saying! What are they saying, Min?!” squealed JunSu as he tried to reach for the said earpiece. ChangMin, who became irritated by the disturbance, flicked an earpiece on JunSu’s forehead—which then bounced off and fell on to the table. A grin spread across JunSu’s face as he saw the silver electronic and plugged it into his right ear. YooChun leaned his left ear closer to JunSu in an attempt to listen as well.

The three of them looked outside as they listened to the heated conversation between the two men.


“Nice to meet you, YoungWoong JaeJoong.”

“W-What??” stammered JaeJoong as everything started to unfold before him.

“I said, nice to meet you, Youngwoong JaeJoong. Are you surprised? Cause—”

“You’re U-Know?!” shrieked JaeJoong, suddenly gaining attention from people around him.

“Funny you should say that. Isn’t my name YunHo? I mean, they sound similar—you should’ve been able to put the pieces together,” said YunHo, kicking an unseen pebble on the ground. JaeJoong could feel his temper rising as the conversation continued on.

“What about you? I bet you didn’t even know that it was me! How can you be so…” JaeJoong was forced to trail off as he felt the same inexplicable pain in his chest that he felt two years ago, when they all got separated.

“Stupid? I know, I am. And I know that I was stupid to let you go, too. I shouldn’t have—”

Why is he bringing this up now? He’s really an idiot, isn’t he?!?! WHY THE HELL IS HE MAKING ME FEEL THIS WAY AGAIN?!’ screamed JaeJoong mentally. He couldn’t take it anymore; the pain was excruciating enough to weaken his knees. He felt like punching the living hell out of the guy before him, but it would only break his already shattered heart. He held on to the doorframe of the cafe’s entrance—though, still facing the other man— and lowered his head as tears brimmed his eyes. He couldn’t let the other man see him vulnerable like this—not anymore.

Seeing the other man in confusion and pain, YunHo bluntly asked, “Are you okay?”

“Do I look okay?” snapped JaeJoong as he looked straight in YunHo’s eyes. Shock was evidently visible on YunHo’s eyes when he saw JaeJoong’s eyes with tears threatening to trickle down his cheeks. JaeJoong couldn’t be bothered at how much they’re making a scene right now because the pain from the humiliation he would get from those people would be nothing compared to the pain he was experiencing now.

JaeJoong continued. “I tried to forget you, you know? I really did. I tried getting rid of your stuff—everything that would remind me of you—but it was futile. Everything reminded me of you and that was a fact. I couldn’t get you out of my head ‘cause your presence never left me. Whenever I headed back home, there would always be a piercing pain in my chest because solitude loyally welcomed me. Before I knew it, I would find myself standing at your doorstep, debating with myself whether I should ring the bell or not.”

YunHo kept a straight face, but on the inside, he was shattering. He didn’t know how much his JaeJoong suffered those two years that they were apart. Before he could even say anything, JaeJoong spoke once again.

“I didn’t want to seek help from my friends cause I thought I could handle it all; plus, I would have only been a burden to them. So I decided to drown myself in the Internet world. I was so desperate, YunHo; I felt hopeless and worthless. I needed someone to tell me that I’m important. I needed someone to tell me that they’ll be by my side forever. I needed someone to tell me that they love me for who I am. Then I met… you. I met the you online. I felt lifeless before I met the other you… but after a while, I could feel the energy surging through my veins once again. I thought I might have another chance at the love that I once lost.”

JaeJoong had a bitter smile on his face. The pained expression on his angelic face shattered YunHo’s heart. He wanted to just enclose the other in a loving embrace and ask for forgiveness.

“I’m sorry, Jae…” uttered YunHo, his gaze fixed onto JaeJoong’s. JaeJoong’s tears finally made their way down his pearly cheeks. “I know my shortcomings are uncountable…and I know that I’m imperfect… I couldn’t be a better man for you… but…”

Tears gushed down JaeJoong’s cheeks as YunHo continued to talk. YunHo’s voice eventually became inaudible as he got lost in his train of thoughts.

Should I give him a chance? I mean, I think I was partly to blame too cause I jumped to conclusions too quickly. I was too proud to begin with.’

Yeah, you should give him a chance. You’ll never get a second chance at a love like this. This kind of love only comes once in a lifetime. You might be able to find another love, but it will never be the same.’

So, I should really accept him again?’

What do you think? What do you feel? Even though fate and earthly forces caused you to part a couple of years ago, you were still able to reconnect with him again, right? Just not in the way you expected it to be.’


Just do what you feel is right and you’ll be happy.’

“JaeJoong?” YunHo waved his hand across JaeJoong’s face. JaeJoong shook his head and gazed at the person in front of him. He could feel the same fluttering butterflies that he felt when he first laid his eyes on YunHo. He could feel the world spinning and his vision blurring as he felt wetness damp his cheeks once again. His heart thrashed about in his ribcage again. He closed his eyes and felt unconsciousness pulling him in.

YunHo supported JaeJoong by the waist when he saw that the latter was about to fall sideways.

When JaeJoong’s eyes fluttered open, YunHo immediately closed the gap between them and swallowed the sobs that threatened to escape his lips. He could feel stinging pain in his eyes.

“I’m really sorry, Jae… I haven’t been a good leader—and a good lover to you. All I tried to do was to control, control and control and ended up neglecting your feelings because I was too concerned about our image to others. I wish I could go back in time and be a better man for our band—and for you… I’m really sorry…” said YunHo, his voice cracking as he fought back his tears. He pulled away from the embrace and gripped JaeJoong gently by the shoulders.

YunHo began. “Listen, Jae. I know I did a lot of mistakes in the past and I know that it would be really hard to forgive me now—heck, I doubt you would even forgive me for all that I’ve done.”

A bitter chuckle escaped his lips. “You don’t have to forgive me if you don’t want to—or if you can’t bring yourself to. I just want to let you know that you’ve always been on my mind and that I’ve always loved you—I still do. I’m sure you hated me for not saying it as often as I could before, right?”

JaeJoong kept silent as he waited in bated breath for YunHo to speak again. His tears were freely flowing now.

“Hmm. Well, yeah. I guess that sums it all up,” said YunHo as casual as possible. “Now that I’ve met Choosey_lover and you’ve met Trick_me, I think I should be going.” YunHo let his hands fall to his sides and took one last look at the man in front of him before he turned his heels and walked to the opposite direction.

JaeJoong! What are you doing?! You love him, right? STOP HIM!!’

I can’t move! I can’t speak!’

Do you want to lose your only love TWICE? Do you want to go through all that pain you experienced for the past two years again?’

NO!! I don’t want to!! It’s too painful!’

Then what are you still doing keeping silent and rooted to the ground? CALL HIM AND GO AFTER HIM, YOU THICK-HEADED BOY!’

JaeJoong sprinted towards the almost diminishing back of the man and called out, “WAIT!!!!”

The said man turned around, only to meet his gaze with a sprinting figure towards him. ‘Why is he running?’ thought YunHo curiously. Not more than a second later, the figure was before him, gripping his knees as he panted heavily.


“I love you too,” breathed out JaeJoong as he fought for oxygen.


“Don’t go,” said JaeJoong with much confidence.

“I don’t—”

“Understand? Yeah, me too,” JaeJoong was finally on his feet, face to face with YunHo. “but I’m just following my heart. And my heart says that I can’t let you go. That I can’t live without you. That I still love you more than ever.”

YunHo was astonished beyond words. Did JaeJoong just say that he loves him? He must be dreaming. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and looked straight into JaeJoong’s eyes.

“Do you really mean that?”

“Do you think I don’t if I came running to you?” Disbelief was written all over JaeJoong’s delicate features. A grin instantly spread across YunHo’s face before he decided to engulf the smaller one in a bear hug.

JaeJoong instinctively wrapped his arms around Yunho’s back and inhaled that intoxicating scent that he loved so much. Despite the pain that YunHo has inflicted on him, he knew that it was worth still loving him.

“I couldn’t let you go, YunHo,” said JaeJoong, slightly trembling against YunHo’s chest. The arms that enclosed JaeJoong merely tightened their hold.

“Likewise. I guess the feeling has been mutual all these years. I knew that someday, fate would bring us back together. You know, I never lost faith in us—even though we parted ways and met in a different world. There was never a day that I didn’t think of you. Everything around me reminded me of you. Wherever I looked, wherever I went, there was you—and you alone. I swear, if you hadn’t come to me now, I probably wouldn’t have lived the next day.”

A whack landed on YunHo’s head. “Don’t say that! If you really did die, I wouldn’t even think twice of joining you.”

“I should’ve taken the time to get to know you more before,” Regret filled YunHo’s voice. JaeJoong pulled away from their embrace and looked at YunHo with confusion. “What do you mean?”

“You weren’t like this—sarcastic, playful, and teasing—a couple of years ago. You were this angelic creature; soft and fragile with the most delicate feelings. Gentle with other people, understanding and ultimately caring. You kept to yourself… and even though we were together—even though we became more than friends, you could only share so much. You only showed your sarcastic and evil nature when you were choosey_lover.”

“Hmm… Well, that was history. I’m still me—however you want to think of me—so don’t linger too much in the past, alright? What’s important is here and now. The present. Us,” A loving gaze was directed at YunHo. The latter leaned in closer and pressed his lips onto the other’s soft ones. JaeJoong closed his eyes and allowed himself to melt in the sweet kiss. He nearly forgot how YunHo tasted, but when YunHo’s tongue poked his lips for entrance, he parted his lips without hesitation. He smiled into the kiss when he discovered that YunHo still tasted the same.

Stupid. Of course he’ll still taste the same.’ an inner voice scolded JaeJoong, making him pout and scrunch his face. YunHo pulled away when he felt the sudden change in JaeJoong’s expression.

“What’s wrong?” YunHo’s voice was slightly filled with worry.

“Nothing,” a grin spread across JaeJoong’s face. “I just thought that you still taste the same after being away from you for so long.”

YunHo looked at JaeJoong lovingly, which made the latter’s insides entangled with each other. His heart raced like time was going to end. JaeJoong tiptoed and pulled YunHo’s neck down for another kiss.

YunHo was still unable to register the fact that JaeJoong was infront of him—in fact, kissing him. It felt too good to be true. Frightened of losing him again, YunHo tightened his hold on JaeJoong’s waist and reciprocated the kiss.

Their sweet and gentle kisses turned into a more passionate and heated make-out session. In the fraction of a second, a shout was heard from a mere couple of metres away from them. They immediately pulled away from each other and searched for the direction of the noise. They heard some shuffling and hushing sounds that came from the direction of the cafe. JaeJoong squinted and… was that ChangMin’s head?

“What? What do you see?” YunHo was now standing beside JaeJoonng and slung his arm around his shoulders. YunHo followed the other’s gaze.

“More like who do you see. I think see Minnie’s head,” said JaeJoong, occasionally tiptoeing to get a better view.

YunHo shot him an incredulous look. “Minnie? You mean, our Minnie?” JaeJoong nodded in response. “What could he be doing here? Isn’t he supposed to be in Japan for his father’s company?”

JaeJoong stared at him, wide-eyed. “How did you know about that?”

“You do know that he sent all of us an e-mail message about his departure to Japan, right? You were online the whole time and you didn’t even check your inbox?!” JaeJoong blinked his eyes. Then he was expressionless.

“No… He told me by phone. Anyway, why are we talking about this? Let’s go find out who’s spying on us!” JaeJoong practically flailed and dragged YunHo along with him as he ran towards the cafe’s direction.


“Damn it, we’re busted!” ChangMin muttered under his breath.

“What should we do now?” asked JunSu worriedly. He didn’t know why he was worried, but the thought of an angry JaeJoong scared him to death.

“Tell them the truth,” said YooChun simply as he combed his hair with his fingers.

“You two… aish. Hopeless! Come on! Let’s get back to the cafe!” ChangMin stood up and ran madly back to the said destination. In no more than a second, he froze. He realised that he had just made the stupidest mistake that his hyungs haven’t even committed.

Unknowingly revealing himself to the running PMS-ing monster.

“SHIM CHANGMIN!” hollered a voice from behind him. ChangMin turned to look at JunSu and YooChun, who were still squatting behind the silver Honda Civic, before turning to the speaker. His gaze was met with the figure of a man practically dragging another man as he ran towards his direction. The look on the man’s face sent him chills down his spine. He waited until the two men stood before him, catching their breath. The moment the shorter man straightened up, a whack landed heavily on his poor head.

“Ow! What was that for?!” whined ChangMin as he rubbed the sore spot. YunHo scanned the male before him from head to toe. Was this really ChangMin—their ChangMin? Then something clicked in his head.

“HEY!! You were that giraffe who was flirting with my JaeJoongie?!” shrieked YunHo as he pointed his forefinger at ChangMin. The latter’s eyes—and JaeJoong’s—widened at the term referred to him.

Two incredulous looks were shot at YunHo. “GIRAFFE?”

When YunHo nodded, a slap immediately met his right arm. He turned to JaeJoong, disbelief written all over his face. “Why the heck did you call Min a giraffe?!!?”

“Because he was so tall and he was flirting with you and I couldn’t think of any other name to call him so I settled with giraffe,” said YunHo in one breath.

“What does calling Min a giraffe have anything to do with him flirting with me—OH, OH OH! Don’t tell me you’re—” interrogated JaeJoong but was instantly cut off by a defensive Yunho.

“I wasn’t jealous—”

“I didn’t even say anything!” retorted Jaejoong with a smirk playing on his lips.

“Yeah, you weren’t. Only the densest person on earth would think you weren’t jealous if he saw your face now,” ChangMin shook his head in amusement, before laughing his heart out. “YunHo-hyung… you’re still the same as ever.”

JaeJoong burst in fits of his melodious laughter right after their youngest finished his sentence, while YunHo was just pouting at them. While JaeJoong and ChangMin were preoccupied at making fun of him, YunHo noticed two pairs of eyes intensely and expectantly looking at them. When their gazes met, the eyes disappeared in the blink of an eye.

After laughing whole-heartedly—something he hadn’t done for a long time—JaeJoong noticed his boyfriend staring into the distance. “What are you looking at?” His left arm snaked around YunHo’s waist. By this time, ChangMin already felt the sudden change in atmosphere and stood beside JaeJoong, following his gaze.

“I saw two pairs of eyes looking at us and they seemed so damn familiar. It’s so frustrating at how I can’t pinpoint who they are,” said YunHo with a sigh, his gaze never leaving that same spot where he saw the spying eyes.

“Ah, them… Hold on,” ChangMin took a few steps towards a silver Honda Civic, right where YunHo saw the staring eyes. Suddenly, two figures popped out from the side of the car, causing JaeJoong and YunHo to stiffen in their position. JaeJoong’s hold on YunHo’s waist tightened.

“Do you see what I see?” whispered JaeJoong to YunHo’s ear. The latter nodded, his gaze transfixed on the two other figures approaching with ChangMin. JaeJoong could feel the stinging pain in eyes when the ChangMin and the two other stood before him and YunHo. Without hesitation, he flung himself to the two men.

“JunSu, YooChun…” Tears trailed down his cheeks once again. “You’re here… you’re all here…”
JunSu and YooChun returned the hug their hyung gave them. They were elated to see their hyung again. It really has been a long time.

JaeJoong pulled away and stood beside YunHo. “You all don’t know how happy I am right now… To see all of you here… My life is complete once again…” YunHo held JaeJoong close as the latter broke into sobs against YunHo’s chest. ChangMin and YunHo joined in the group hug and huddled around the heart of their family. They were brought back together again.

The five of them stayed in that position for five whole minutes until YunHo pulled away and spoke first. “I promise all of you that the five of us will never part; but for that to be effective, you all must also have faith in all of us, okay? No secrets anymore.”

“Always keep the faith,” the four of them said in unison.


A month later…

The five members had received a phone call from their former entertainment company, asking them to come back and work for them. The five males were more than glad to accept the company’s request. The five of them would only be in pure bliss when they’re on stage altogether, performing wholeheartedly for their beloved and dedicated fans.

“HURRY UP JAEJOONG! WE’RE LATE!!!” shouted Yunho from downstairs, standing beside the other three members.

“YES YES I’M COMING ALREADY, DAMN IT!” shouted the mother of the family from upstairs. He rushed down the staircase, nearly tripping over the last step. Luckily, Yunho was right bside him before anything bad could even happen.

Jaejoong could see it in the eyes of the three younger ones that stood by the door; they wanted to whine and complain and ask him the million dollar question: What took you so long?

“What took you so long?!” Yunho’s voice was authoritative and… did Jaejoong sense some irritation there?

Jaejoong pouted. “Huh. I would’ve prepared breakfast for you all if it weren’t for this idiot here,” Jaejoong whacked Yunho’s head playfully as he spoke to the other three males.

The three males groaned in disgust. “Oh, hyung! Why did you have to remind us!!!”

“Yeah~ Jaejoong-ah~ Why did you have to remind us?” Yunho couldn’t help but smirk and wink at the slightly shorter male before him. A slap landed on his arm.

“Stop implying those innuendos and let’s go!” Jaejoong dashed through the door and headed inside the car. It remained a mystery to the rest of the members as to how Jaejoong could always somehow magically bolt to the car and switch on the engine within a mere three seconds.

“What are you all still doing there? THAT LEE SOO MAN WILL KICK THE LIVING HELL OUT OF ME IF YOU FOUR DON’T GET YOUR BUTTS INSIDE THIS CAR!!” With that, the four members sprinted from the door to the interior of the car before they could experience—even just a minute of it—the wrath of the legendary Kim Jaejoong.




A/N: *hides behind the curtains from the flying oranges and tomatoes and whatnots headed her way* I KNOW I KNOW! I know it was an abrupt ending, but I had to end this already since it took such a long time. hahaha. Actually, this chapter over a long time ago—I just needed concentration to write that last few paragraphs in the end.
Sorry for the little amount of YooSu here. As I told you, this was an abrupt ending. I just wrote what was in my head at the moment and poof.
Honestly, this was plotless. Messy. All over the place. /fail.
Thank you for all the comments. Now I shall continue my other fanfic, Longing for Love.
I have so much ideas for that, I just need to arrange them well :D *bricked*
I sincerely apologise. *frowns*

steffiluvlifesteffiluvlife on December 14th, 2009 09:12 am (UTC)
loved it!<3
it was dang bittersweet and hecka funny at the same time!
ahh i really enjoyed reading this.. all in one shot..
it feels real good to imagine such a picture. full of adorable-ness!
Nihonjin.Tensai;;Anjaela♥: jaeMorenihonjin_tensai on December 14th, 2009 10:28 am (UTC)
i'm glad you loved it <3

I was so afraid to post it cause it was such a mess--heck, i didn't even expect such an ending XDDDD

Thank you so much for reading!!! ♥

fathi_jae on December 14th, 2009 09:56 am (UTC)
god, i love this.
Nihonjin.Tensai;;Anjaela♥nihonjin_tensai on December 14th, 2009 10:28 am (UTC)

*grins at your icon*

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(Deleted comment)
Nihonjin.Tensai;;Anjaela♥nihonjin_tensai on December 15th, 2009 08:21 am (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed it!!! i was so scared about this final chapter cause I felt it was such a sudden ending and that it strayed away from the original plot XDDDD

YooSuMin=YunJae fanatics :P

thank you!!
kaori-sanaddy6636 on December 16th, 2009 05:01 pm (UTC)
man...it's funny.....especially the giraffa...hey...i gave tat name to someone...dont tell me i told you bout tat giraffa????
Bluebluemonkeyrain on March 28th, 2010 04:12 pm (UTC)
Aw. This was adorable!

I'm so glad Yun and Jae got back together! >:DD

Haha spying YooSuMin! Shame shame~~ ^^V (but I would've done the same if I was them) hehe!

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I loved it!!~ Your writing style is amazing, haha, I'm jealous :D