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16 December 2009 @ 10:54 pm
[Fic] Longing for Love: (3/?)  

Title: Longing for love (3/?)

Pairing: YunJae, (slight) Yoosu

Disclaimer: MINE MINE MINE… is the plot :P

Genre: Fluff, Angst, slight crack? maybe.

Rating: PG-13 for swearing

Length: 3/?

Summary: He has been waiting for so long for the right one… Will he ever find that person?

(Chapter 1)
(Chapter 2)

Chapter 3


The overpowering aroma of coffee tickled his nose. The bittersweet taste of his cappuccino lingered on his taste buds.


Why did he order cappuccino?


His thoughts wandered back to the incident two days ago. His encounter with that peculiar stranger-slash-stalker made his head spin; he didn’t know whether it was because of his ethereal appearance and the overwhelming aura the man had exuded, or because he was just downright annoying.


He knew that it was just pure coincidence meeting him again—twice in two consecutive days—but anything was possible, right?


For all he knew, that man might have been stalking him—for years and he didn’t even know about it. It was an atrocious idea, but it was certainly probable.


He shuddered.


But if it was true, why would that guy choose to stalk him? What was it that he possessed that others didn’t have?


And wasn’t the guy supposed to choose a female, not a guy?


Maybe he was just paranoid. Yeah, maybe he that was just the case.


He really didn’t understand why girls fawned over him. He never showed anything positive—he was a cold-hearted, complacent being. Who would want to be with someone like that?


That person would have to be a masochist.


He knew perfectly well that he would never be able to love again. He had forgotten to love and so love itself had forgotten him.


His love for his parents didn’t falter after years of putting up with their endless whipping, batting, punching and kicking. No matter what happened, they were still his parents and he has always been grateful to them for bringing him into the world. Though it pierced him, as he thought of his parents only wanting his attention for their own needs and not for love.


In the end, he had given up trying to get their attention and their love because he knew that he’ll never get it.


However, losing his childhood friend—whom he shared precious memories with—made a bigger impact on him. He had loved her like his own sister, but she moved to America with her family. Just when he found tranquillity with her, she decided to leave. And that was what triggered everything to make him become what he is now.


After several months of trying to get over his suffering and losses, he realised that his loved ones would always leave.


That people always leave.


He learned that there was no point in loving someone because in the end, they would leave. Taking your heart away with them.


As if on cue, his phone rang throughout the silent cafe, snapping him out of his thoughts.




Hyungiee~~” a feminine voice sang into his ears.


“Don’t tell me it’s—“


Oh yes, my dearie hyungiee~~ It’s HeeChullie!!!”


The man groaned. What did that she-male want this time? “What do you want?”


You, hyungie. You.” said Heechul in a very low, yet seductive voice. The man shuddered.


“Ice cream parlor?”


How much per night, sexy?”


“Hair and Nail Salon?”


What are you wearing?”


“Department store?”


At 1pm!!!” chirped Heechul, the low seductive voice long gone into the wind.


“See you,” Yunho snapped his phone shut. He glanced at the wall clock in the cafe. 12.58.


“Damn that woman!” muttered Yunho under his breath. He paid at the counter before dashing outside the cafe and headed to the department store two blocks away. Will he make it on time?




“You’re late!” scolded the standing figure who had shoulder-length golden-brown hair. His eyebrow was raised so high that it almost reached his hairline.


“By two minutes! How is that late?! And how the hell do you even get here in two minutes when you live like, ten blocks away!? ” screamed Yunho back at the shorter male. The latter glared at him.


“I teleported~! And two minutes is…” Heechul looked up in the sky as if expecting an answer from the heavens. He spread his palm and started counting.


“…20…35…72…80…100…118…119…120…120 seconds!” Heechul beamed at Yunho, who was found lolling his head from side to side unconsciously. The moment a slap landed on his forehead, Yunho’s eyes shot open and nearly lost his balance.


“Ow! What was that for?!” snapped the newly awoken Yunho.


“For falling asleep on me!”


“Was it my fault that you took more than three seconds to calculate how many seconds there were in two minutes? And you called yourself the Valedictorian of our school,” Yunho tsk-ed and shook his head. “Shame on you, Heechul. Shame.on.you.”


Heechul pouted. “Then is it my fault that half my brain cells committed suicide worrying about you for two whole minutes?! Those were two, long painful minutes when I had to stand under the stinging rays of that blazing orb in the sky called the sun! I could’ve done so much in those two minutes—I could’ve sat down on the bench, listening to music peacefully… But no! My kindness got the best of me and my stupid brain—wait, my brain’s not stupid—decided to wait for you since my heart treated you as a really really really precious friend. Two, long painful minutes, Yunho. TWO.LONG.PAINFUL.MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Yunho only stared at Heechul wide-eyed. His eyes were about to roll to the back of his head from so much information called Heechul’s blabbering attempting to register in his head. Did he even get anything registered in his head in the first place?


“Uh… I don’t exactly remember what you just said so… should we go in now?” asked Yunho hesitantly, knowing what was to come for ignoring Heechul’s rambling.


“But what about my two minutes?!?!”


Yunho sighed. How could Heechul be older than him yet be able to act childishly at the same time?


“Fine. I’ll spend two hours suffering with you,” Yunho grumbled in defeat.


“WHAT?!” Heechul’s hysterical shriek startled Yunho and made him realise what he had just said.


“I said I’ll spend two hours shopping with you,” Yunho hoped that Heechul would just drop the subject and get this day over with.


“Oh okay~!!!” squealed Heechul in utter joy. “First, we’ll go to the shoe department… Then we’ll go to the accessories and perfumes and bags and the clothes—OH, THE CLOTHES I CAN BUY~~~!!!!”


Yunho could only hung his shoulders low and heave a sigh as he dragged his feet behind the bouncy Heechul who was entering the store. It was going to be a long and exhausting two hours.




“Oi! You missed a whole day of lecture from Professor Kwon and left me to rot in there!!!! Where did you—OMO! ARE THOSE GUCCI AND VERSACE AND CHANEL BAGS?!”


Heechul grinned at the pale-faced male as he brought his shopping bags up front to the latter’s face. “What do you think?”


“Why didn’t you tell me?!” whined the younger male as he plopped on his bed.


“Because you didn’t answer your phone. Because you were so busy eating. Because you were so busy chatting away with that YooSu couple. Because you are Kim Jaejoong.”


“What does my name have to do with anything?!” Jaejoong asked incredulously.


“It proves you exist.”


“No, my birth certificate proves I exist.”






“So aren’t you gonna ask me what I bought?”


“What’s the point? You didn’t invite me so I don’t have anything to do with your stuff,” Jaejoong turned his back to Heechul and sulked on his bed as he lay his head on his pillow.


“But I bought you something,” stated Heechul indifferently, struggling to suppress the smirk that threatened to spread on his lips. Jaejoong turned his head dramatically slow, with sparkly eyes.




“Really.” And with that, all shopping bags dropped and Jaejoong flung himself onto Heechul.


“Thanks Chullie-hyung~~!”


“No problemo. Plus, it wouldn’t be fun going through my obsession alone,” said Heechul with a smile; to which Jaejoong smiled back.


They both sat on the floor, with all shopping bags ransacked and its items scattered all around the two males. With the door locked, they relentlessly flailed and squealed and giggled and all the hysterical acts a fangirl would do when they see their favourite actor/singer on TV.


“Can you believe it? I got this Chanel perfume for only 200 bucks!” Heechul squealed as he held the perfume bottle up in the light. The pink content in the glass bottle sparkled.


“It’s sparkling!” flailed Jaejoong with a wide grin. “200 bucks?! Doesn’t that cost over a thousand?!”


“I know, I know! But since a friend of mine—who was as free as the air we breathe—was so incredibly handsome, the saleswoman at the perfume counter and all the saleswomen at the other counters didn’t even notice a guy—namely ME— was getting so excited over such feminine things. Them females were so stunned and dazed at my companion’s charisma and sexiness that they gave me discounts on everything I bought.”


Jaejoong sat stunned. “They gave you discounts cause of your friend?” Jaejoong could sense himself sounding very jealous at the thought of his hyung getting discounts on all the things he bought—and having an extremely good-looking friend.


Why do I feel excited just at the thought of a good-looking guy? Does this mean I’m gay?’


Jaejoong shook his head. He indignantly denied those thoughts and feelings that invaded his mind and heart and body.


“Yep. Maybe I should bring him along again…” Heechul said as he sat thoughtfully on the floor, their stuff left untouched.


“Me too!” said Jaejoong instantly, not letting the opportunity of shopping with his hyung pass again. Did he really want to go shopping with Heechul so he could get discounts… Or did he only want to go because Heechul’s friend would be there?


“Hmm, okay~ Tomorrow?” grinned Heechul at Jaejoong. The latter looked at his hyung with a raised brow.


“But there are classes tomorrow… We have classes tomorrow, Heechul!”


Heechul sat side by side with Jaejoong and put one arm around him. He looked up and Jaejoong followed his gaze. “I know~ But I want to shop again tomorrow~~ Think of all the discounts we can get, Joongie! ALL THE DISCOUNTS ON THE THINGS WE WANT THE MOST!!!!!!!”


Jaejoong looked at the empty space above him. Discounts on all the things that he wanted… That would be the most blissful thing that would ever happen to a shopaholic like him. But there was one thing that he couldn’t have a discount on—heck, it was priceless.


Lately, his mind has been filled with thoughts of that incident two days ago. And a day ago. The image of that man painted itself like a portrait in his head. It took a whole lot of his energy just remembering bits and pieces of the man’s features. He would feel giddy, he would feel dizzy, he would feel fluttery.


Was he in love?


If he was, then it would be decided that he would have to pay that person full—with no discounts whatsoever—with his heart, mind and soul. He smiled inwardly as he thought of the benefits of giving his heart away but it died in no less than a second when he realised the downside of it.


“Yeah… Discounts…” trailed of Jaejoong, his enthusiasm dying down drastically. Heechul looked at him in surprise.


“What’s wrong?” asked Heechul in slight worry. “Is this about you not having a girlfriend again?”


Jaejoong shook his head even though the words held some truth in them. “It is, isn’t it? I already told you, Joongie—You just have to wait for the right one. You’ll know the moment she comes into your life.”


But I think I’ve already found him.’ “I know, I know. Don’t worry, Chullie. This will pass in no time! Hehe~ So so! Can we go shopping tomorrow after class then?”


Heechul’s look was still of worry but he quickly wiped that expression away and replaced it with a grin.


“Sure. You don’t mind my friend coming along too, right?”


“Oh, no biggie. As long as he gives us discounts like you said he did today.”


“Of course,” said Heechul with much confidence. He smiled at Jaejoong’s eager attitude.


I wonder when he’ll tell me what’s going on…’




The walk to their campus was pleasing to his senses. The fresh morning breeze, the warm heat from the sun, the sounds of birds humming and the colour of spring—green, green and more green.


That’s what Jaejoong thought of spring—green. And that’s why it’s his favourite colour. He enjoyed the spring season so much because everything bloomed and everything was all about happiness and full of smiles.


A tap on his shoulder and he turned back. “Hi hyung,” said the man with a sweet smile that could melt women’s hearts.


“Hey Min,” replied Jaejoong back with a smile. Then he wondered. “Hey, where did you go that day? You came to the house right?”


“Uhhh…yeah. I kinda left cause you spaced out like your soul just flew out of your body and Junsu-hyung acted weird like the usual,” said Changmin, all without guilt. He didn’t regret leaving that house but he regretted not knowing what was wrong with his Jaejoong-hyung.


“Oh… sorry about that…” said Jaejoong with an apologetic smile.


“So what were you thinking about?” blurted out Changmin, causing Jaejoong to flinch at the sudden attack. He didn’t expect the younger one to be asking him that so quickly.


“Nothing,” said Jaejoong nonchalantly as he walked side by side with Changmin towards their building. Upon reaching the steps of their University, the younger male asked again.


“Is it about you not having a girlfriend?”


Jaejoong narrowed his eyes at Changmin. Were his friends teaming up on him? Seriously? How could they ask the same thing every single time?


“No,” replied Jaejoong curtly, causing Changmin to become even more suspicious.


“It is, isn’t it?” pried Changmin again.


“Did you and Heechul talk about this? Did you two plan some sort of conspiracy against me to bring me down or something? Seriously, Min. It’s creeping me out.”


It was very clear to Changmin that Jaejoong was freaking out and that only meant one thing: he was right. His hyung was still not over the fact that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Among their circle of friends, Jaejoong was the only one who was purely single since he was born. It was sad, but it was true. His friends really didn’t understand why the oldest among them still didn’t have a girlfriend despite the fact that girls—and guys—were all over him.


“No sweetie, we didn’t plan any conspiracy,” a voice suddenly whispered in Jaejoong’s ear, causing the latter to jump in surprise. He turned to the speaker and found himself eye to eye with his one and only roommate, Heechul.


“Stop doing that, Chullie-hyung!” squealed Jaejoong, catching everyone’s attention as the three of them entered the building. All eyes were fixated on Jaejoong like he was some priceless portrait in an art museum—like the Mona Lisa.


Except Jaejoong was deemed to be prettier than Mona Lisa by the whole student body.


“See what you made me do now,” hissed Jaejoong as he glared at Heechul. The latter always seemed to find a way to bring everyone’s attention to him and him alone. Jaejoong found it really, really annoying.


“I didn’t do anything—you brought this all to yourself,” replied Heechul simply as he walked ahead Jaejoong and Changmin. “Oh, hi Minnie!” greeted the long, honey-haired male.


“Hi Heechul-hyung,” replied Changmin politely.


“A surprise that you came early today,” said Jaejoong as him and ChangMin caught up with Heechul; Jaejoong on Heechul’s right and ChangMin on Heechul’s left side.


“I decided that school is more important than shopping,” said Heechul thoughtfully, flipping his bangs to the side ever-so-dramatically. Jaejoong made a face.


“A vain, class-ditching, shopaholic like you…thinks that school is more important than shopping? Since when did you think that way?” Jaejoong shuddered at how obsessed he sounded when he uttered those words; Heechul wasn’t the only one, after all.


“Let’s just say I have something else in mind,” mumbled Heechul to himself. Jaejoong wasn’t able to hear it clearly but Changmin heard each and every single word uttered and grinned.


“Eh?” asked Jaejoong. “What did you say?”


“I didn’t say anything Joongie,” said Heechul with a playful grin as he went inside their lecture hall. Changmin followed suit while Jaejoong tailed them last.


“Hey wait!” Jaejoong sprinted to the entrance of their lecture hall for their Psychology class—though, there wasn’t any need cause he was barely five feet away from door. His impatience caused him to bump into Changmin, who then bumped into Heechul, causing the latter to nearly fall face-flat to the ground.


“What the heck!” growled Heechul, catching every one’s attention inside the hall, as he turned around to see the suspect. Fortunately for them, their lecturer—Mr. Kim—still hadn’t arrived or else the three of them would be dead meat.


“Sorry,” a sheepish smile spread across Jaejoong’s face as he apologised, scratching his head.


“Oh, it was you,” The dark aura Heechul radiated a mere few seconds ago vanished like vapour. Changmin and the rest of the students inside the hall—who took notice of the scene—shuddered. They never failed to conclude every single time the same thing happens; Never ever mess with the Kim Heechul.


“So why are you standing here?” asked Jaejoong as he squeezed himself in between Changmin and Heechul so he could enter.


“Nothing,” replied Heechul. “I just wanted to take a good view of the scenery.”


“What scenery, hyung?” asked Changmin incredulously. “Are you blind?”


“How dare you call me blind?!?!” A light whack landed on Changmin’s head—it wasn’t even considered a whack anymore. A mere tap, Changmin thought.


“You slowpokes,” muttered Jaejoong as he headed to his seat. He still felt uncomfortable with all the eyes glued on him. He couldn’t help but shudder every now and then. Heechul and Changmin followed Jaejoong and headed to their seats beside the latter.


Changmin shot Jaejoong a question. “Why are you shuddering, hyung? Is it cold?” As Changmin prepared to remove his woolen sweater, Jaejoong raised a hand to his face.


“I’m not cold. I’m still—“


“—not used to all the people staring at me… Changmin, how many times do we have to tell you this?” interrupted Heechul—to which Changmin made a face at.


“Until my dementia is cured— Technically, Jaejoong was the one who always answered this question. And it surprised me today that you decided to answer for him. Are you okay, Heechul-hyung?”


Heechul pouted. “Shut up, Min. Why are you bullying me?” He then sat back and faced Jaejoong who was on his left—Changmin was seated on Jaejoong’s left. “Joongie~ Help me!”


Jaejoong only remained quiet and proceeded on preparing his things for their lecture. Jaejoong didn’t want to get involved in one of Heechul’s and Changmin’s creative discussion. It was really troublesome.


After Changmin and Heechul’s argument died down—which was a lengthy two minutes—their lecturer arrived in the spacious hall.


“Good Morning,” greeted Mr. Kim with an authoritative voice. Several replies followed one after another.


“Morning,” calmly and coldly greeted a student who had just entered right after the professor. He held his bag over his shoulder with his left hand and his right was slipped into his pocket; the typical attitude of a popular boy. All eyes—except Jaejoong who was too busy preparing his things—turned to the speaker and widened in recognition. Though he didn’t have a good look at the male, the distinct deep voice reached his ears. The females suppressed their desire to squeal—Jaejoong could almost hear their squeezed squeals escaping their lips—while Mr. Kim frowned in disapproval.


“Good evening, Mr. Jung. How nice of you to join us at this time of the night—”


“—Hey Yunho~!” sang Heechul, immediately causing the cold atmosphere to warm up. Yunho glanced at Heechul and nodded once. Heechul beamed back.


“Kim Heechul! How dare you interrupt the conversation I was having with this young man! You’ve no respect!”


“I’m sorry, sir, but he’s my friend—don’t I have the right to greet him just like anyone else?” retorted Heechul indignantly as he stood up, his smile wiped off his face and replaced with a scowl.


“I don’t care—you shouldn’t have—“

God! Why does Heechul have to be so troublesome? “I’m sorry, sir,” Jaejoong couldn’t take it anymore and stood up to bow to the teacher in apology. “It won’t happen again. I hope you can forget this ever happened and start the lecture.”


The professor’s face lit up as if a spell had been cast upon him. “Sure, Kim Jaejoong! You may take your seat now, young man.” The professor gestured the latecomer to his seat and ignored Heechul.


“Stupid bastard—how dare he ignore me… I’m a Kim too, aren’t I?” mumbled Heechul as he sat down.


Jaejoong also took his seat after Heechul without even looking at the latecomer, Yunho. Stunned to his toes, Yunho walked slowly as his eyes stared intently at Jaejoong, as if memorising every feature on his face.


Feeling the awkward silence and that eerie feeling of being examined, Jaejoong lifted his gaze; only to meet a pair of dark brown eyes shielded by ebony-framed glasses.

Why is he staring now, of all days? “Yes… Can I help you?” Jaejoong’s voice broke the pin-drop silence that enveloped the hall. The guy merely stared at him for a good minute before shrugging and heading to his seat.


“What’s wrong with him…” mumbled Jaejoong as he stacked his stationeries on his desk. Unconsciously, his mind reminded him about the male he met three days ago. Then it struck him.

‘Did that guy just shrug… like that man I met a few days ago? I swear—his voice, his walk and his behaviour was so like him!’ Jaejoong was nearing a conclusion until another thought hit him.


Ah… but this guy in my class looks nothing like him. His style is much better than this one. Aish—why am I even thinking about this?’


“Kim Jaejoong!”


All his books, pens and whatnots clashed altogether to the white marble floor. Again, all eyes were locked onto Jaejoong’s figure.


“Would you be honoured to name Erik Erikson’s Eight Stages of PsychoSocial Approach?” asked their professor. Jaejoong could only inwardly groan.


Honoured? More like, would you be bothered.’ “Sure, Professor Kim.” replied Jaejoong with an angelic smile. Facing the rest of the students, he locked gazes with each and everyone of them as he stated the stages of Psychosocial Approach.


However, Jaejoong  never failed to spare glances at the latecomer’s direction at every syllable he uttered. The man, Jung Yunho, was meticulously wiping his spectacles, his gaze locked on the object in his hands. He seemed so oblivious to his surroundings. Jaejoong felt an uncanny tingle run down his spine that nearly caused him to lose his words.


The moment Yunho was done, he looked up and raised the glasses to his eye-level. Jaejoong caught sight of those dark brown orbs that was so familiar to him and immediately felt his knees weaken.


It was him.


What’s happening to me? Why is he here?’ Jaejoong blinked once—while he stated the final stage—and saw the same guy from this morning with spectacles again. Looking nothing like the man he bumped into a few days ago.


I must be hallucinating. Is there something wrong with me?’


“Thank you very much, Kim Jaejoong. You can take your seat now,” Jaejoong obeyed, but did so slowly; his eyes reluctantly averted their gaze away from the man seated at the back. Jaejoong wanted to slap himself for doing so. He’ll just have to wait until the two-hour lecture is over and then he can rant to Heechul and Changmin.



Jung Yunho’s POV


Damn it. Late again.


Why am I late today? I don’t know myself, but that dream sure took my whole morning. I didn’t even have breakfast yet…


So I decided to take my own sweet time walking to the campus; what difference would it make if I tried to run for my dear life if I’m two minutes late?


I waved my ID at the security guards by the gate and they responded by opening the automatic gate. I walked past them with a ‘Good Morning’ leaving my lips and headed to the building.


Leisurely walking past the hallway of lockers, I stopped at the end of the red row of lockers on my right and unlocked my own. I took my Psychology textbook and locked it again before I headed to the lecture hall.


“Morning,” I coolly greeted Mr. Kim, our Psychology professor who only had eyes for his top student—who also happened to have the same last name—Kim Jaejoong. Seriously, what was it that this guy had that made him so loveable by everyone?


And yes, even though we’re in the same Psychology class, I have not had a good look at that Kim Jaejoong guy—I only saw him from afar and that didn’t help in any way— since I didn’t really pay much attention to my surroundings. I just wanted to get this college over with and start working so I could do whatever I pleased.


“Good evening, Mr. Jung. How nice of you to join us at this time of the night—”


Sarcastic with me now, isn’t he? I hate this old geezer. And his class.


“—Hey Yunho~!” Heechul greeted me with that high-pitched voice of his. Sometimes I fear that my eardrums might burst anytime. I nodded at him in a business-like manner and he only beamed in reply.


As usual, Mr. Kim got irritated with Heechul’s constant interruptions. This man should take a chill pill. “Kim Heechul! How dare you interrupt the conversation I was having with this young man! You’ve no respect!”


I felt obliged to just stand there, parallel to the professor’s desk, as Heechul and our professor bickered like cats and dogs.


Heechul retorted defensively with a scowl. “I’m sorry, sir, but he’s my friend—don’t I have the right to greet him just like anyone else?” My eyes start to wander around Heechul and the figures that sat near him…


“I don’t care—you shouldn’t have—” I saw that tall boy Heechul always hung around with. I personally think he’s too tall for his age. I pity the students behind him… I could see them struggling to extend their necks in all directions just to see the chalkboard in front.


“I’m sorry, sir,” A melodious voice rang into my ears, followed by shuffling of some sort. My eyes scanned the room to find the speaker—just so I could hear more of that wonderful voice—and eventually fell upon a figure who was a few centimetres shorter than me.


He had stood up and bowed to that middle-aged man. “It won’t happen again. I hope you can forget this ever happened and let’s start the lecture.” Wow. His voice had that magical effect of snapping all the strings that held all my thoughts together. Despite that fact, I felt the desire to hear more of it. Why did I only hear it now?


I diverted my thoughts back to his appealing figure. His hair was dark as coal, his skin fair as snow and his eyes were completely hypnotising. As I gazed even longer into those dark, doe eyes, I realised that he looked exactly like that man I bumped into a few days ago.


I think he was that annoying man from that day. Who kept stalking me.


“Sure, Kim Jaejoong! You may take your seat now, young man.” Old geezer chirped and when I thought he completely forgot about me, he turned to me with narrowed eyes and shooed me off to take my seat. Heechul was ignored like he was just a fly on the wall. Why did Mr. Kim prefer Kim Jaejoong more than Kim Heechul? Wasn’t Heechul a Kim, too?


Then I heard Heechul grumble right after. “Stupid bastard—how dare he ignore me… I’m a Kim too, aren’t I?” I fought the urge to grin at his antics. However, it took more energy from me to tear my gaze away from Kim Jaejoong, who sat beside the tall person (Changmin, was it?). I took my own sweet time(yet again) walking to my seat and kept my gaze glued to him.


I thought that he felt my scrutinising stare because he slowly lifted his head and our eyes immediately locked. I slowed my steps even more(if that was even possible, without looking like a total fool walking in slow motion) since he seemed like he wanted to say something. Now tell me, how could I have looked away then—with those doe eyes piercing right through me?


“Yes… Can I help you?” Kim Jaejoong asked me, his eyes brimmed with curiosity. I, on the other hand, couldn’t find the words to speak—or rather, my voice—and pretended that I just happened to look at him for a brief second. I shrugged and went on my way to the back of the hall. I really didn’t want to act like a tough person before him because I couldn’t. If it wasn’t for the remaining pride that I had in me, my knees would’ve weakened right on the spot.


Or worse, I could’ve been a living statue. You might see the headlines on the newspaper tomorrow: UNIVERSITY STUDENT JUNG YUNHO FROZEN ON THE SPOT BECAUSE OF ANOTHER STUDENT; A LIVING STATUE EVER RECORDED IN HISTORY!


Not only would I embarrass my family and all the other Jungs out there in Korea, I would also embarrass the very cause of my evolution to a statue; Kim Jaejoong. Why am I thinking of him again?


I sat down in my seat, placed my bag on my lap and arranged the reading materials I needed on my desk. After doing so, I flipped the page open and unconsciously let my eyes fall onto Kim Jaejoong’s figure. I swear— if I was conscious of everything I did, I would’ve already slit my wrists because only a couple of minutes later, I found the once-clear page filled with scribbles and graffiti which only consisted of Kim Jaejoong and hearts.


Hearts, I tell you. It would’ve been normal if I was a girl, but I wasn’t. I am Jung Yunho and Jung Yunho didn’t do hearts.


I shook my head and flipped to the next page of my A5 purple-covered notebook, hoping for the two-hour lecture to be over so I could dash out of the hall and get my mind, my feelings—and probably my sexual orientation—straight with the help of a good friend who was stuck in Drama class.




A/N: EPIC FAIL—THIS CHAPTER. I’m sorry. *frowns* Even though I think this was pure fail, I hope you enjoyed it—atleast a bit! (a sentence or a word would be fine! Liking the quotation marks would be okay too!)


A/N #2: I’d like to thank the people who have been patient with me while I struggled to finish my first posted fanfic, The String That We Call Fate. They have been very supportive with their comments. Love you all <3


A/N#3: Comments comments comments please! They’re my source of motivation for writing! A simple thank you would be enough. More than enough :)

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am soo late again huh?
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haranei on April 10th, 2010 03:04 pm (UTC)
Damn~!! This is good... (okay, I know I late for about half a year -.-)

hitomi2oo7hitomi2oo7 on April 11th, 2010 07:31 pm (UTC)
This part is not a failure!
I liked it!
And I'm glad to see that Yunho is not some jerk but he just can't express his feelings properly *lol*
I can't wait for more of YunJae! <3<3<3
I like your writing style and hope to see more of it!
kanarazu_kiss-san Fighting! (^o^)/

This story is so interesting! ~^^

libreuvyblibreuvyb on July 22nd, 2012 10:06 am (UTC)